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I live in LA with my rescue Poodles, Rudie and Ellie. My mother taught me about pretty things. I worked in fashion and styled my brother, Diamond David Lee, before I became a freelance makeup artist.

I love image consulting with emerging artists. I've got resources for days. Trainers, photographers, producers, engineers, event planners. And if you need to set up shop, I'll help you manifest the lifestyle with my design skillz. 

I keep my eye on pop culture and the social mores that inform it. I can spot a trend a year away. Go bold, go smart, go funny, and get a good night’s rest! Know thyself. And if you're not sure, I’m happy to help you narrow it down.

I've worked extensively with major studios as well as independent artists and photographers. I do men's grooming and light hair. Find me via my contact page. Have kit, will travel!